Tweet, tweet: What 140 characters can teach you about great content

I should have been an early adopter of Twitter. To an editor, Twitter’s 140-character limit presents an intriguing challenge: say as much as possible in the fewest possible characters. But, I did not jump on the Twitter bandwagon until recently.

Why wait?

Simple. I thought Twitter was like Facebook except with fewer spaces: all status updates and no … Continue Reading ››

Complete/Convenient explores expatriate life for India’s diaspora

The latest official Indian figures estimate the Indian diaspora at 22 million people. Nonresident Indians (NRIs) comprise about 10 million, and, of those, about 213,000 live in Australia.

Britain has its Bronte sisters; now, India has its Bhagat brothers.

With his debut novel, Complete/Convenient, Ketan Bhagat proves that great writing is not the … Continue Reading ››

The world is mine!

Yes, the world is mine. It says so on the front of the US Department of State’s pamphlet on passports:
With your US passport, the world is yours!
And, the world can be yours, too. All you need is a passport. For US citizens living abroad, a passport is more than a ticket to exotic locations; it is … Continue Reading ››