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In April 2012, Brian and I moved from Magnolia, Texas to Mumbai, India with our two dogs, Chip and Peanut.

This blog started as an easy way to document our move and keep all our friends in the US updated on our many (mis)adventures in India. Since then, the site has evolved into a place where you can learn about the expat experience.

What’s it really like to pack all your belongings and move to the other side of the world?

If you are wondering where to begin, start with a few of my favorite posts.

When most people think of India, they think of the Taj Mahal. Most expats travel to the Taj in their first year, and I was no exception. But, shh, don’t tell anyone, it’s not my favorite place in India. So far, that would be Rajasthan.

Most Americans also associate India with the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesh. Because Ganesh is the Hindu lord of good fortune, India’s financial capital celebrates Ganesh’s birthday in Maximum City style.

Unfortunately, poverty is a part of daily life here. When you first arrive, the feelings can be overwhelming. Most expats channel those feelings into charitable work.

Naturally, when you live outside the US, you miss home. Fortunately, many American brands have a presence in India, and with recent rulings about FDI, that presence will continue to grow. Brands like Kenneth Cole and KFC bring a little bit of the US to India. Recently, Starbucks has opened several outlets across Mumbai.

Finally, our dogs are furry kids to us, so they do feature occasionally in my posts. Everyone thinks Chip is “the cutest dog I have ever seen!” But, in truth, Peanut has featured more frequently. We have also adopted a street dog named Maya. I wrote a post about Mumbai street dogs some time ago. Stay tuned for a blog on Maya soon!


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  1. Good morning Jean,
    i look forward to reading your blog! Saturday mornings are simply not complete without you! i do hope that we will soon be able to skype with you.
    Such an amazing move you and Brian have made! Wishing you amazing journeys.

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