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True confessions of a gori writer groupie (Half Girlfriend edition)

I’ve been a gori groupie of Indian writers since I picked up Immortals of the Meluha by Amish almost three years ago. With each novel I’ve read, I’ve learned valuable lessons about how Indians view themselves, their country, and the world. Since August, I’ve been going gaga over the anticipated release of a book called Half … Continue Reading ››

Book review: Catching the Departed (2014)

Catching the Departed by Kulpreet Yadav was shortlisted for the DNA-Hachette “Hunt for the Next Bestseller” prize. This book placed in the top 20 out of 300 entries received, but did not win. The book tells the story of Andy Karan, former Indian Army captain turned investigative journalist. Andy is an Indian James Bond with … Continue Reading ››

Book review: Power of a Common Man (2014)

Baadshah of Bollywood. King Khan. King of Bollywood. King of Romance. SRK. Tom Cruise of India. All these names describe one man: Shah Rukh Khan. Actor, producer, KKR owner, spokesperson, and businessman. These words also describe SRK. In her book, Power of a Common Man: Connecting with Consumers the SRK Way, Koral Dasgupta explains SRK’s revolutionary … Continue Reading ››

Book review: Train to Pakistan (1956)

The Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 resulted in the largest migration in human history. In the few shorts months after the line was drawn, more than 10 million people crossed the India-Pakistan border. Violence occurred on both sides, and the migration left indelible scars. Countless books and movies have struggled to understand and explain … Continue Reading ››

Why I read, edit, and write (Part 1)

In which Brian builds a bookshelf, and Jean re-reads the timeless children’s classic, The Poky Little Puppy When Brian and I moved to Mumbai, we each sacrificed some things we cherished. He put his Harley in storage and sold 90% of his tools. My sacrifices included my two custom-built (by Brian), seven-foot-tall, absolute-pain-in-the-neck-to-move, barely-fits-through-the-doorway, much-loved, oak, … Continue Reading ››