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Adventures on Mohammed Ali Road: Finely Chopped in Bohri Mohalla

The walk before the walk

We were walking beneath the JJ flyover late last Saturday night, headed to a Finely Chopped food walk in Bohri Mohalla, and we were lost. Jude, our trustworthy driver, had dropped us at the wrong location. We weren’t anywhere near Saifee ambulance stand, the meeting point for the food walk. Last … Continue Reading ››

S is for the sign of peace

Every Sunday, as part of the celebration of Mass, Catholics around the world offer each other the sign of peace. This ritual occurs immediately after the Our Father and before the Lamb of God.
The priest says "Peace be with you." The congregation responds, "And, with your spirit."
This response used to be "And, also with you," but … Continue Reading ››

Peeling back the layers of the Indian economy

Crying over onions

As I attempt to make Akuri-style eggs in my flat, I am chopping onions and thinking about the Indian economy. Honestly, I had a late night; I probably shouldn’t be thinking about anything this early in the morning. Let alone the Indian economy. But, it’s hard to chop an onion in India … Continue Reading ››

American Women’s Club Mumbai honors US Consulate employees with appreciation tea

If you are an American living in Mumbai, chances are good that you will visit the US Consulate at least once during your stay here. But, if you have never lived abroad before, you might wonder what a consulate team does. Its primary purpose is to promote US-India relations, especially in political, economic, commercial, and … Continue Reading ››

A TATA Alliance Starbucks: Foreign direct investment in India

Starbucks has finally come to India. More importantly, it has finally come to Powai. Located just around the corner from my flat, the newest coffee shop has created much interest and buzz. But, what is all this buzz really about, anyway? Powai has at least three good coffee shops already. Gloria Jean’s is just a … Continue Reading ››