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Adventures on Mohammed Ali Road: Finely Chopped in Bohri Mohalla

The walk before the walk

We were walking beneath the JJ flyover late last Saturday night, headed to a Finely Chopped food walk in Bohri Mohalla, and we were lost. Jude, our trustworthy driver, had dropped us at the wrong location. We weren’t anywhere near Saifee ambulance stand, the meeting point for the food walk. Last … Continue Reading ››

Book review: Train to Pakistan (1956)

The Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 resulted in the largest migration in human history. In the few shorts months after the line was drawn, more than 10 million people crossed the India-Pakistan border. Violence occurred on both sides, and the migration left indelible scars. Countless books and movies have struggled to understand and explain … Continue Reading ››

S is for the sign of peace

Every Sunday, as part of the celebration of Mass, Catholics around the world offer each other the sign of peace. This ritual occurs immediately after the Our Father and before the Lamb of God.
The priest says "Peace be with you." The congregation responds, "And, with your spirit."
This response used to be "And, also with you," but … Continue Reading ››

The sexual politics of choice

I believe that life begins at conception. As a Catholic, I believe in the Immaculate Conception; therefore, I must also believe that is when life begins. Little room for ambiguity exists on that point. I also believe when a woman chooses abortion that just as the physical cells are surgically split from her body, so … Continue Reading ››