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Film Fridays: Bobby (1973)


Technically, this video is a summary. I couldn’t find the trailer online.


Bobby was one of the biggest Hindi films of 1973. Starring Rishi Kapoor (Raju) and Dimple Kapadia (Bobby), the film has all the elements of a blockbuster: teenage angst and rebellion, lovers separated by their families, beautiful Kashmiri mountains, and an incredible motorcycle chase … Continue Reading ››

T is for toilets

In my flat in Mumbai, I have three bathrooms. These bathrooms make us among Mumbai's most privileged residents. My driver and my maid each have only one bathroom in their homes. This single bathroom makes them among Mumbai's most fortunate citizens. Many Mumbaikers don't have access to even the most basic toilet facilities. Every day, in Mumbai's … Continue Reading ››

The world is mine!

Yes, the world is mine. It says so on the front of the US Department of State’s pamphlet on passports:
With your US passport, the world is yours!
And, the world can be yours, too. All you need is a passport. For US citizens living abroad, a passport is more than a ticket to exotic locations; it is … Continue Reading ››

An American in Himachal: Common sense, culture, and travel

Let me make this clear: No woman--no matter what she wears or does--deserves to be raped. Ever. As I vacation in Himachal Pradesh (HP), I see the news report of an American woman raped in Kullu, a popular tourist destination in HP, near Great Himalayan National Park. (Not a location we are visiting, by the way.) According … Continue Reading ››

Rajasthan: From regal to rustic

Editor’s note: The Taj Mahal is located in Uttar Pradesh and is outside the scope of this travelogue. If you want to read about the Taj, check out Bombay Jules’ great photoessay:
Rajasthan, the land of kings. Home to the Amer (Amber) Fort in Jaipur; Pichola Lake in Udaipur; and palaces, high deserts, and mountains … Continue Reading ››

Planes, trains, and automobiles: Googling our way across Sicily

Sorry to disappoint. There are no trains in this travel tale. Italy is notorious for the trains not running on time, anyway, and Sicily even more so, so we decided to skip that mode of transportation on this trip. Makes a catchy title, though, doesn’t it? Maybe they should make a movie with that title... When … Continue Reading ››